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Second Level

Second Level - Ireland’s Education Yearbook 2020

Disrupting the Traditional Global Education System

“I believe that the current education system is overdue for disruption. The systems that are there are just too slow, too expensive, and they can’t reach everyone.

“I also believe in the promise of what’s possible, which has been brought about by technology, and the fact that people are willing to use technology. It’s possible to put all knowledge and skills training online for free.”

Mike Feerick, speaking at the 2020 World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE).

Lockdown or Locked Out?

What are the early lessons from the Covid-19 education revolution?

University access programmes demonstrate that the ‘standard’ Leaving Cert system is not fulfilling the dreams of many young people who could, in a more open system, reach their full potential. The pandemic suggests we have reached a tipping point with inequality in our education system. Now we need to think about a senior cycle reform process that will support all our young people to reach their full potential.

Cliona Hannon
Director of Trinity Access Programme, Trinity College Dublin

Experience of School Leaders in Education and Training Board Irish-Medium Schools during Covid-19

Successes and challenges since 12 March 2020

This article provides an insight into the experience of the leaders of all-Irish schools in the Education and Training Boards sector, both successes and challenges, since the school closures on that fateful day in March 2020. While all schools faced many challenges, school leaders in Irish-medium schools had to deal with certain challenges that were unique to their context.

Gean Gilger
Educational Policy and Development Officer (with responsibility for Irish-medium education), Education and Training Boards Ireland

Responding to Special Educational Needs during the Pandemic

NCSE’s response to schools and parents of children with SEN

Since the pandemic, the National Council for Special Education has altered how we work to ensure we reach teachers and parents in different ways through online and distance learning and engagement. We expect this way of working to continue into the future as we provide a more blended approach to supports to schools, students, and parents. This article outlines what we have done, our reflections and feedback on this experience to date, and our initial plans for the future.

Teresa Griffin
CEO, National Council for Special Education

Emerging from the Shadows

Transgender young people in Irish schools

There has been much focus over the last decade on the challenges and successes in the school system in Ireland to adapt to the needs of trans young people. This article demystifies the complexities of trans healthcare, physical and mental, through a review of the research. It also highlights the experiences of families of trans people and outlines some of the supports available for trans young people and their families.

Vanessa Lacey
Health and Education Manager, Transgender Equality Network Ireland

Embedding the Sustainable Development Goals in Teaching and Learning

Education and Training Boards Ireland: Take 1 Programme

As we enter the final decade of action on achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and struggle to respond to global challenges, learning about global citizenship issues has never been more important. This article provides an overview of the place of the SDGs in post-primary education and of the response by Education and Training Boards Ireland (ETBI) to supporting its schools to engage in teaching and learning about education for sustainable development throughout the school environment.

Valerie Lewis
Educational Policy and Development Officer, Education and Training Boards Ireland

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