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Disrupting the Traditional Global Education System

“I believe that the current education system is overdue for disruption. The systems that are there are just too slow, too expensive, and they can’t reach everyone.

“I also believe in the promise of what’s possible, which has been brought about by technology, and the fact that people are willing to use technology. It’s possible to put all knowledge and skills training online for free.”

Mike Feerick, speaking at the 2020 World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE).

Overview of Second Level

Clive Byrne

The Well-Being of School Communities

Reopening schools after Covid-19 closures: A psychosocial response

Anne Tansey

Teaching and Learning from a Post-Primary Perspective

Reflections on the impact of Covid-19

Tríona Hourigan

Coláiste Bhaile Chláir’s Digital Learning Journey and Covid-19

One school’s story of accelerated growth during the pandemic

Alan Mongey

Lockdown or Locked Out?

What are the early lessons from the Covid-19 education revolution?

Cliona Hannon

Experience of School Leaders in Education and Training Board Irish-Medium Schools during Covid-19

Successes and challenges since 12 March 2020

Gean Gilger

Responding to Special Educational Needs during the Pandemic

NCSE’s response to schools and parents of children with SEN

Teresa Griffin

Adapting Transition Year in Response to the Covid-19 Crisis

Gerry Jeffers

Reflections on my Junior Cycle Learning Journey during Lockdown

Sinéad O’Brien

Emerging from the Shadows

Transgender young people in Irish schools

Vanessa Lacey

Embedding the Sustainable Development Goals in Teaching and Learning

Education and Training Boards Ireland: Take 1 Programme

Valerie Lewis

Disrupting the Traditional Global Education System

Mike Feerick’s speech at the WISE conference

Mike Feerick

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