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Ireland’s Education Yearbook 2022


The publication of Impact 2030, a
new national strategy for research
and innovation.

The decision to amalgamate the
Irish Research Council and Science
Foundation Ireland.

Impact 2030: Government’s Vision for the Future of Research and Innovation

In this article, Professor Nolan reflects on two milestone developments in the Irish research world in 2022: the publication of Impact 2030, a new national strategy for research and innovation, and the decision to amalgamate the Irish Research Council and Science Foundation Ireland. These ambitious moves offer opportunities for a step change in Ireland’s approach to research and a necessary transition to a sustainable way of living.

Mathias Urban

Prof Philip Nolan

Director General, Science Foundation Ireland

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Creating Our Future – A Book of Inspiration

A national conversation on research in Ireland

Creating Our Future sought to understand what challenges and opportunities the people of Ireland experience. It created a conversation on how research can play a role in addressing those challenges and seizing those opportunities. Over 18,000 submissions were received, analysed, and synthesised into 16 thematic areas. The response showed that the people of Ireland want their voice to be heard and that they have confidence in the promise and potential of research to transform lives and create sustainable societies.

Mathias Urban

Ciarán Seoighe

Deputy Director General, Science Foundation Ireland

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New Insights on Irish and European Education from ESRI Research

Education research carried out by the Economic and Social Research Institute (ESRI) addresses policy issues that are critical to achieving greater equality of educational outcomes and improving the experience of students, teachers, and others in the education system. This article selects several such studies and other research in the EU and summarises their findings and conclusions.

Mathias Urban

Prof Selina McCoy

Head of Education Research, ESRI

Mathias Urban

Keyu Ye

Research Assistant, Education Research, ESRI

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Taking Action for Climate Change

Teaching about, through, and for climate literacy in schools

Education must be part of how we address the challenges posed by climate change. Climate literacy is an important part of Ireland’s climate actions, moving from a marginal issue to a key concern in education policy, curricular developments, and pedagogical approaches. Recent education policies in Ireland promote opportunities for Education for Sustainability and Global Citizenship, including climate literacy. Through student agency, climate literacy adopts a pedagogy of hope, whereby fully informed citizens can take informed actions which collectively will make a difference.

Mathias Urban

Dr Anne Dolan

Lecturer in Primary Geography, Mary Immaculate College, Limerick

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Exceptional Ability and the Law

The legal framework for gifted education in Ireland

This article examines the needs of students with exceptional ability in Ireland, and the legal rights and supports available to them.

Mathias Urban

Lisa Quinn O’Flaherty

Solicitor and Partner at Fitzsimons Redmond LLP

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Impact 2030: Opportunities, Challenges, and the New Funding Agency

In this article, Professor Carey provides an assessment of Impact 2030, Ireland’s strategy for research and innovation. The establishment of a new competitive funding agency represents an opportunity to confirm key commitments and to address challenges facing the research system.

Mathias Urban

Daniel Carey

Interim Chair, Irish Research Council

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