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Second Level


On 20 September 2019, students from all over Dublin and surrounding counties marched from the Customs House to Merrion Square where they staged a rally to demonstrate their frustration over government inaction on climate change and to demand that the government would become proactive in seeking to save the planet for future generations.

How Should Second-Level Schools Respond in an Era of Digital Learning?

Second-level schools in Ireland take a wide variety of approaches to the use of ICT in their classrooms. So what role should digital technologies and digital learning have in schools and classrooms? This article summarises recent discourse and research on the topic, highlighting the key challenges for schools and possible steps forward.

Ann Marcus-Quinn
Lecturer in Technical Communication and Instructional Design at the University of Limerick
Triona Hourigan
Educational Researcher
Selina McCoy
Economic and Social Research Institute and Trinity College Dublin

Teachers’ health not an option but an imperative

Developing an integrated occupational health system

Mental health is perhaps the most important public health issue of our time. This article looks at why mental health is so important in teaching, what affects it, and how we might protect and promote it in education. It makes a morally sound and strong business case for developing and maintaining a fruitful and flourishing working environment for teachers.

Deirdre MacDonald
President, Association of Secondary Teachers of Ireland

Leading Collaborative Professionalism

An abridged version of a paper by Andy Hargreaves and Michael T. O’Connor which formed the basis for discussion at an education symposium in the Killeshin Hotel Portlaoise.

Collaborative professionalism is about how to collaborate more deeply in ways that achieve greater impact. It involves deep and sometimes demanding dialogue, candid but constructive feedback, and continuous collaborative inquiry.

Andy Hargreaves
Research Professor in the Lynch School of Education, Boston College; President of the International Congress of School Effectiveness and Improvement.
Michael T. O’Connor
Director of the Providence Alliance for Catholic Teachers (PACT) programme at Providence College, Rhode Island.

The Key Role of Collaborative Professionalism

Notes on a talk by Andy Hargreaves

Derek West went to hear Andy Hargreaves at the Killeshin Hotel in Portlaoise and spent a day happily out of his depth. Here he offers his reflections on the day and its themes of communication, collaboration, reflection, well-being, leadership, and the undervalued middle ground.

Derek West
Former principal of Newpark Comprehensive School, Dublin; past president of NAPD; and publications editor of NAPD quarterly Leader

Grab the Guru While You Can

Lessons on Learning from John Hattie

In March 2019, the distinguished educationalist John Hattie flew into Dublin and gave an energetic presentation at the NAPD’s annual symposium, tackling teacher efficacy, raising standards, using the evidence in critical evaluation, and making learning visible. Derek West reports from the event.

Derek West
Former principal of Newpark Comprehensive School, Dublin; past president of NAPD; and publications editor of NAPD quarterly Leader

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