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Early Childhood


Speakers at the ‘Japan Education Forum for Sustainable Development Goals’, which took place in Tokyo in February 2019.

Professor Mathias Urban, Director of the Early Childhood Research Centre DCU (2nd from left), was invited keynote speaker.

The event was part of the framework programme connected to the Japanese presidency of the T20 and G20 summit.

Winds of Change?

A tale of intended and unintended consequences

In policy and practice it has been an eventful year for early childhood education and care in Ireland. This article outlines the most important events, developments, and controversies in Irish ECEC in 2019. It looks at the choices made and those that lie ahead, and considers the implications for future developments.

Prof Mathias Urban
Desmond Chair of Early Childhood Education, and Director of the Early Childhood Research Centre, Dublin City University

Nurturing a Creative Pedagogy

Everyday creativity through a flow state

Creativity involves deep exploration and practical skills. It also requires a high level of focus and critical thinking. For teachers, the goal is to create conditions where creativity can begin. Many learning and care settings hinder the conditions required for children to enter a state of flow. Children must be given the opportunity and conditions to move into this state.

Milica Atanackovic
Training and Practice Manager, Early Childhood Ireland

Mo Scéal: Online Reporting Templates

An initiative of the NCCA to help ease the transition from pre-school to primary

This article outlines the process behind publication of the NCCA’s Mo Scéal reporting templates. Mo Scéal means ‘My Story’, and the templates provide an opportunity to tell the story of the child’s interests, strengths, and challenges. The reports can be shared by preschools with parents and, with parents’ consent, with the primary school. The article also lists the types of resources provided by the NCCA to support this important transition.

Mary Daly
Education Officer, National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NCCA)

Early Childhood in the Global Village

Competent systems for sustainable development

A global consensus is emerging that early childhood services, and the policies to develop them, can only be sustainable and beneficial for all children and all families once we take public responsibility and start building a coherent ‘competent system’ of supports around them. This article looks at what that means in practice in Ireland, based on best current international thinking.

Prof Mathias Urban
Desmond Chair of Early Childhood Education, and Director of the Early Childhood Research Centre, Dublin City University
Jennifer Guevara
Rising Talent Fellow of the Early Childhood Research Centre, Dublin City University

Workforce Development

Transforming Ireland’s early learning and childcare system

The government’s First 5 strategy identifies over 150 actions across the domains that affect young children’s lives, including ambitious and far-reaching actions related to the early learning and school-age childcare sector. In this article the Minister summarises the challenges facing the sector and the actions planned and currently being taken to meet them.

Katherine Zappone
Minister for Children and Youth Affairs

Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion in Early Childhood

A conceptual shift from needs to rights

The much-needed resources put in place by DCYA to address diversity, equality, and inclusion in early childhood education and care (ECEC) are welcome. However, an ideological shift from needs to rights is required to provide a comprehensive diversity, equality, and inclusion (DEI) approach to ECEC policy, training, and practice.

Colette Murray
Lecturer, TU Dublin, and Coordinator of Equality and Diversity Early Childhood National Network EDeNn

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